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Have you installed the two most useless car decorations?

March 31, 2022

In recent years, as the main force of automobile consumption has shifted to the younger generation, many young drivers and friends, after purchasing a new car, will more or less carry out their own car in and out according to their aesthetic level and economic strength. It’s a lot of decoration, but there are many car decoration accessories, which are actually a huge safety hazard. The curator will take a look today. The 6 common car accessories that may bring safety hazards. Friends of car owners who have installed these two accessories, The curator suggested that they be removed from their favorite cars. After all, the sky is big and the earth is safest.


1. Strobe light


Just listen to the name to know how cool this car accessory is. In fact, the flashing light was used in police cars or other special vehicles before, and its function is to treat other vehicles or other vehicles when special moments or special events occur. Pedestrians play a warning role. For example, at night, a car has a puncture on the road. In order to prevent subsequent cars or pedestrians from avoiding the car before the relevant department rescues the car, the flash can be activated. Warning lights to avoid second traffic accidents.

However, with the appearance of some low-frequency and low-power strobe lights on the market, they immediately got the favor of many modification fanatic car owners, and they were even listed as necessary tools. However, this violates the modification regulations of our country and is installed without permission. The annual car inspection will be difficult for you, and this accessory will bring you a great safety hazard-because the original purpose of the strobe light is to serve as a warning, so the light of the strobe light is very dazzling, which is for other For the driver's eyes, it is a kind of injury. When driving, if the driver's eyes have a problem, the consequences are so serious.

Therefore, the curator suggested that either the flashing light should be removed or the light of the flashing light should be dimmed, but if the light of the flashing light is dimmed, then it will lose the point of attracting the modification family. After all, the flashing light is not "Flashing", how cool is that! All things considered, the curator still suggests removing the flashing lights directly!


2, safety buckle


The curator of this stuff believes that many car owners and friends have one in the car. Although human laziness promotes the progress of human society to a certain extent, the "laziness" of safety snaps really does not have much value. , Not only dangerous, but also very dangerous!


Some car owners and friends will not wear seat belts for various reasons. In addition to the usual panic and uncomfortable, they also forget to wear them. I don’t need to wear seat belts because of slow speeds. There are even some driver friends who do not wear seat belts in order not to wrinkle clothes. I chose not to wear a seat belt, because most cars on the market now have their own alarm system. Once the seat belt of the main driver or co-pilot is not fastened, the car will automatically emit a series of warning sounds.

In order to "eliminate" this unpleasant sound, the safety buckle came into being. Only by snapping the safety buckle into the safety card slot, the driver can "eliminate" the prompt sound without wearing a seat belt. Many of the safety buckles are made very cute and beautiful, which naturally attracts a wave of young car owners and friends.

In fact, there is a potential safety hazard to do so. The role of the seat belt is to protect the safety of the driver, and the safety buckle is like a modern version of "ears-covering". The curator advises drivers and friends not to hug them during normal driving. If you are lucky, don’t think that your car skills are good and you won’t encounter a safety accident. Once an emergency occurs, the seat belt will lose its effectiveness and the driver will also face terrible consequences. I believe that no one wants to see this. To the thing.